poltronafrau      Gli Oggetti - Cretto      Design: Poltrona Frau Style & Design Centre, 2018       

Gli Ogetti – Cretto


The Cretto bowls evoke the three-dimensional and textural effects of the works of Alberto Burri, the inspiration for the collection’s name. Crafted in a small workshop in the heart of Umbria, the pieces explore the expressive worth of stoneware, a unique type of ceramic.

A manual lathe technique is used to craft the ceramic body, which is then coated in clay to give the object its evocative and natural aesthetics. The colour, achieved through multiple applications, features shades of ocra, brick red and brown against a grey background.

The bowls are available in three different sizes and two simple yet graphic shapes: half-moon and quarter-moon. The Poltrona Frau logo is ink-stamped onto the design by hand.

Download hier het product sheet van de Gli Oggetti – Cretto.

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