poltronafrau      Vertigo      Design: EOOS, 2018       

Poltrona Frau Vertigo

Like the famous Madeleine Elster from the Hitchcock movie, “The woman who lived two times”, Vertigo has a double identity: from a sofa to a bed with a simple rotation of the backrest. Vertigo is an object that makes the transformation its identity. Vertigo take shape from an intelligence of our hands that find continuously new expressions.

On an extremely technical frame lay down a seat in a soft leather or fabric cover, that traces the ideal line for a prolonged relax. The padding of the soft seat and back cushions ensure an optimal comfort both in the sofa and daybed position. The sophisticated carpentry works combine solid ash and stainless steel. The transition from one material to another creates continuous surfaces, the joints are perfect.

With a turning movement of the backrest and lowering the seat, a comfortable bench is quickly configured.If you add the cushions, previously used like armrests, you set up a daybed for a relaxing break.

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