poltronafrau      Ren Sofa & Armchair      Design: Neri & Hu, 2017       

Ren sofa & Armchair

Alongside the accessories, the REN collection now also includes a small armchair and sofa. The “ren” sign, characteristic of the entire series, returns in both seats. Graphical, pure, geometric, it encapsulates the sides of the two seats and becomes the supporting structure.The collection takes the name of the Chinese “ren” ideogram, which means person. The longer stroke sticks out slightly and is supported by the shorter stroke. The two elements depend on each other for their stability, a relationship that perfectly represents the architectural construction of each item in the collection.

Each piece consists of two “ren”, which make up the main structure in Canaletto walnut solid wood and together support the secondary structures, also in wood.The armchair is inspired by the classic seat of the theatre foyer, traditionally a place for interaction and relaxation, offering its own contemporary interpretation. Every element is an invitation to socialize and converse in a free and informal manner. But the lines and volumes are compact, clean, ultra modern. The enveloping backrest also functions as an armrest.

The seat is deliberately quite shallow, and the lumbar cushion adds a touch of comfort and gives the backrest rhythm.The same enveloping essentiality gives form to the sofa. A linear bench and rounded backrest, again complete with a lumbar cushion.The cleanliness of the lines, the reduced dimensions and the studied comfort of both seats make for two versatile projects.

Ideal in the various rooms of the home but also in collective contexts and meeting and waiting rooms.As with the rest of the collection, the cleanliness of the design brings out the fine materials and the precious details. The junctions between the supporting frame in solid Canaletto walnut and the shell of the backrest in curved beech are refined externally with brass rings. The upholstery can be entirely in Pelle Frau® leather leather or the leather upholstery for the seat can be combined with a fabric lumbar cushion.

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