serralunga      Canisse      Design: Philippe Nigro       

Together with French designer Philippe Nigro, Serralunga has developed Canisse; an outdoor chair with an extremely natural look. Canisse is an open-air shelter, a protected place with large cushions inside to invite relaxation.

A sofa and armchair that are ideal for use in outdoor areas but can also produce an eclectic effect inside the home, with a very decorative design feature on the back, in tune with the spirit of Serralunga’s “The First,The Original” motto.

“Growing on the shores of the Mediterranean are rushes; wild plants with long, flexible stems that sway in the wind, resisting its force. These thin plants are gathered and bound to create lattices used to protect them from the sun, the wind and gazes. These “cannes de Provence”, becoming separations “les canisses”, are evoked in this line of outdoor chairs, borrowing the plants’ simple and irregular aesthetics.

Like a fence built from a bunch of stems, joined together, this structure is developed in a line of stackable sofas and armchairs.

Rotational moulding technology, pushed to its limits, has contributed to the creation of an illusion of fused stems. The longer stems become the legs of the sofa. Arranged with a slight irregularity, the stems at times separate, allowing you to see through them.” (Philippe Nigro)

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