Share or Subscribe: Product and Space in a Post-Ownership Era

Join us for a panel discussion, talk and networking drink with our hosts “Design Post Amsterdam” at their showroom discussing some of the most pressing issues in design today.
The sharing economy has given way to a multitude of collective experiences – from co-working-slash-living to mobility and SaaS. And it has matured: where a few years ago you dipped in and out of the sharing economy – using a ride sharing app or crowdsourcing site every once in a while – now the sharing economy is getting to a stage where its reaching a critical mass, providing consumers with convenient and cost efficient access to resources without the financial, emotional, or social burdens of ownership.
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Milan Design Week 2019 – Arper – Soft(er)

Salone del Mobile 2019 in Milaan was wederom het hoogtepunt voor het internationaal design. Op dit wereldtoneel liet Arper wederom de dunne scheidslijn tussen wonen en werken, op een voor haar kenmerkende wijze, bijzonder goed zien. 

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