poltronafrau      Gli Oggetti - Blue Pallo      Design: Carina Seth Andersson, 2018       

Gli Oggetti – Blue Pallo


Blue Pallo is an elegant and distinct vase. Thanks to its spherical shape and generously proportioned mouth, it is a highly decorative yet graphic and minimalistic piece, representing an evocative example of Carina Seth Andersson’s approach to design. Her careful study of dimensions is expressed in a unique balance between simplicity and distinctiveness.

Originally designed for Skruf, a historic Swedish glass workshop specialising in high-quality blown glass, Blue Pallo is produced exclusively for Poltrona Frau in smoke blue. The deep shade perfectly accentuates the beauty of the hand-blown glass and allows its transparency to shine through. By placing several vases side by side, evocative effects of overlapping and light are created. The Poltrona Frau logo and the designer’s signature are engraved on the base of the vase.

Download hier het product sheet van de Gli Oggetti – Blue Pallo.

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