poltronafrau      Gli Oggetti - Pura      Design: Angelo Mangiarotti, 2018       

Gli Oggetti – Pura

Sculpted from white Carrara marble, the Pura bowl is a new edition of the crystal version designed in 1988 produced exclusively for Poltrona Frau. The minute variations in thickness enhance the veins of the marble. Light penetrates the thinner and thicker parts of the piece to different degrees, emphasising the transparency and opacity of the material. The balance between volumes and voids determines the asymmetric shape of the bowl, which naturally rests on one side. The marble has been produced by numerically controlled techniques and then smoothed by hand to achieve the semi-smooth finish that preserves the natural appearance of the material. On the bottom of the bowl, a circular brass plaque in a Ruthenium finish bears the signature of the Master and the Poltrona Frau logo.

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