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I Tappeti – Chado

The I Tappeti – Chado line tells of processing techniques that have always belonged to the culture of the rug. Delicate bamboo silk threads and thick linen thread worked following the ancient knotting procedure create rugs of a three-dimensional value. Indeed, in nomadic civilisations, rugs defined living spaces and needed a certain thickness to isolate from the ground, like a sort of textile insulation.

In the Chado rugs, the minuscule knots are then cut one by one following a working called cut. This gives a velvety, constantly changing surface effect where the shininess of the silk offsets the opacity of the linen, which also helps add fullness to the texture. Designcorporate intertwines the textured charm of the knotting with the visual theme evoked by the name “Chado”, tea ceremony in Japanese.

The delicate reticular geometry that runs down the rugs is inspired by the places used for this ritual. Grated windows and wood and paper screens through which a feeble light filters veiling everything in a suspended, evocative atmosphere. The colours of the tea plants and the metals that rust over time inspire meditative colour nuances.The tone-on-tone bamboo silk edging is sewn entirely by hand to finish off the four sides of the rug, embellishing it.

Composition of the usable surface area: 40% linen and 60% bamboo silk.Every rug is knotted by hand on wood frames (155,000 knots/sq. m). The thickness of the rug is 7 mm; weight 3.5 kg/sqm.Dimensions 200x300cm and 250×350 cm. Made-to-measure sizes also available on request. Colours Pearl Grey, Earl Grey, Antique Yellow, Copper, and Soft Blue.Chado rugs are made in India. The hand-stitched leather label has the Poltrona Frau brand stamped on it.

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