poltronafrau      I Tappeti - Pecan      Design: Poltrona Frau R&D, 2017       

I Tappeti – Pecan

A soft, warm and compact surface. A gentle extension of the bed or seat on which to stretch out, curl up, play, relax, read, or walk barefooted. I Tappeti Pecan rugs have emerged from an in-depth study into tricot workings and are made using an exclusive technique. The wool yarn is wrapped all the way around a jute core, which composes the structure. This way the rug has no distinct front or back, but can be used on both sides with an even softer and more comfortable effect.

Full-bodied and strong, jute bestows robustness and movement. The result is an elegant three-dimensional knit whose feel – although super soft – recalls earth strewn with walnut shells. That’s where the name Pecan comes from.The rug becomes the ideal fabric “frame” for a welcoming and informal living area or for a bedroom with a cosy and relaxing atmosphere. Three are the delicate and elegant shades of colour: pale pink, mole grey, and graphite.Pecan’s surface is finished on the two short sides with two 40-mm edges in Panama weave that alternates the rug’s same thread colour and contrasting thread.

Composition of the usable surface area: 100% wool.Composition structure + usable surface area: 40% jute, 60% woolTotal thickness 12 mm and weight 2.3 kg/sqmDimensions 200x300cm and 300×400 cm. Made-to-measure sizes also available by request with maximum length 10 m, width minimum 70 cm and maximum 300 cmPecan rugs are made in Morocco. The hand-stitched leather label has the Poltrona Frau brand stamped on it.

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