poltronafrau      Trust      Design: Lievore Altherr Park, 2018       

Poltrona Frau Trust

Trust reinterprets the values of Poltrona Frau with a unique and expressive language of contemporary elegance. The program offers an iconic design, with its irregular profile, encouraging sharing, offering various sides and stations. Trust desks go beyond the idea of a traditional, separate and static desk.

All Trust elements can be freely combined together to organise interiors, adapting to the working style of the user.

The collection is characterized by the essential sign. The absence of stitchings or mechanical parts enhances the sign that becomes a soft graphic expressing hospitality. The rounded edge of the desk makes the surface more comfortable. The arms will have a greater comfort, not resting on the classic sharp edge of the work top. Both wood and Pelle Frau leather upholsteries accentuate the naturel appearance of the shapes.


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