poltronafrau      Cercle      Design: Lievore Altherr Park, 2018       

Poltrona Frau Cercle

The concept of this new collection of seats is suggested by its name; in Catalan, a Cercle is a circle of people that dialogue with each other. The project evokes the light and interactive design of the Trust program and is perfectly consistent with Poltrona Frau’s new vision of the executive office.

The shell of Cercle plays on the contrast between rigidity of the external surfaces enveloped with Cuoio Saddle Executive or Pelle Frau leather and the welcoming softness of the internal part upholstered in fabric or in Pelle Frau leather.

Thanks to the deep ergonomic study, the sychron mechanism is integrated to the shell of Cercle and optimized by Poltrona Frau to offer very high comfort performances. All the upholsteries are made by totally eliminating the stitching. An intelligence in the hands masterpiece that expresses the experience gained by Poltrona Frau in the car design and the interiors of luxury cars.

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