poltronafrau      Chester Line      Design: Renzo Frau, 2017       

Chester Line

Chester, Poltrona Frau’s icon par excellence, and its contemporary version, the Chester Line. With a stately, sculpturesque, representative aura, and an open architecture, you can freely configure the line’s furniture for a more casual social setting. Chester Line maintains the impeccable elegance and iconic workings of its predecessor: the capitonné, stitching with buttons, and spiral on the armrest. But in updating itself to contemporary habits and ways of living the home, it lightens up, breaks up and multiplies in its combinations. It is now a system offering five different elements: chaise longue and armchair, both with armrests, poufs, and two corner sofas.

The capitonné was kept on the backrest, precious and recognisable, but disappears from the sofa base. The emphasis on tradition comes with a delicate job of removing details, in a quest for a modern lightness accentuated by the blade-shaped, nearly invisible metallic feet.

Unlike the historic model, the two-seater sofa has just one just one, much larger cosy cushion, in harmony with the atmosphere of a contemporary living room. The elements without an armrest and backrest let you add accessories that enrich the functions of the various configurations. For an elegant way to complete the system, add the Fidelio side tables and lamp. With their architectural purity they go naturally with the various Chester Line modules and increase your furnishing arrangement options. The tops in place of the armrests and backrests can be used in various ways.

The Chester Line’s supporting structure is made out of solid aged beech wood. The seat spring system, backrests, and armrests are made using hand-tied biconical springs laid on jute belts. Vegetable horsehair padding shaped by hand has been used for the backrest and armrest on the corner sofa. The goose down seat cushion includes an extra stabilising insert made out of polyurethane foam. Upholstery comes in Pelle Frau® leather from the Color System, Nest, Heritage, Century and Cuoietto, which can be mixed and matched with the Poltrona Frau fabricsFeet come in the blade-shaped aluminium variant with burnished brushed finish by request alongside the Dark Walnut dyed beech or lacquered black classic version (high or low).

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