poltronafrau      Isadora      Design: Roberto Lazzeroni, 2018       

Poltrona Frau Isadora

The Isadora chair is inspired by the grace of Isadora Duncan, a pioneer of contemporary dance. Its original concept is shaped by the seamless combination of wood and saddle leather.The solid wood structure traces out a sinuous and agile design thanks to the skilled work on its profiles. The saddle leather upholstery totally envelops it and it almost appears to fly, completely self-supported. Skilful tailored stitching and cuts give it the appearance of a light dress. It exudes both airiness and solidity at the same time thanks to the expert craftsmanship, which pares the materials down to the bare essentials and brings out their pure beauty.

The Isadora project revisits the forms of the past as part of a highly modern vision.The structure is made from solid ash in a Moka or Wengé stain. The upholstery is in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather, finished with protective dye and wax and accentuated by contrast or tone-on-tone stitching.

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