poltronafrau      Jane      Design: Jean-Marie Massaud, 2017       


Jane. The table as an organic and free element in space. Jean-Marie Massaud subverts the balances of this object to define a new sculptural regality. The surface, vast and irregular, develops like a light sheet of material with three deliberately rounded corners. Created from precious Emperador marble with its warm earthy tones, it sits atop three large supports that assume new compositional importance. With a square cross section but also irregular and rounded, they resemble three dolmen or three large tree trunks. These three rough sculptures capture our attention and appear to be rooted in the earth, engendering a sense of solidity that acts as a counterbalance to the natural lightness of the surface.

The ingenious steel junction between the legs and the top emphasises the sensation that the surface is floating in space. Jane, with its unconventional design, imposes no positions or hierarchies. Five, eight or ten people can be seated around it. You can sit around one end, still quite spacious, and use the other for books or other objects. Or you can use the entire surface for big meals.

Jane can also be used as a work table, organising its large surface in complete freedom. For more informal spaces, but also as a highly elegant table in an executive office.The bottom surface of the marble top has a technical mesh for strength and stability.The legs have a solid beech wood core that is enclosed in four high-density MDF panels, shaped and veneered with moka- or wedge-stained ash

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