poltronafrau      Moondance      Design: Roberto Lazzeroni, 2018       

Poltrona Frau Moondance

Moondance table, tall boy and bedside table. A collection of accessories that transform the bedroom into a luxurious, intimate and inviting personal oasis. The design by Roberto Lazzeroni follows familiar and reassuring shapes, the elegant use of the materials conveying new tactile and visual emotions to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere. The volumes are light and open thanks to delicate vanishing lines. Each accessory in the Moondance collection is upholstered by hand to create a unique piece, fully enveloped in Pelle Frau® leather and embellished with a thin layer of padding for a pleasant tactile and visual effect.

The surface is embellished with the warmth of Canaletto walnut or the natural veins of Calacatta Oro marble with a semi-glossy finish.Each drawer can be arranged and organised to suit personal preferences, choosing from the elegant accessories which complete the collection. A series of solid extra clear maple trays subdivided into different compartments in different shapes and configurations provide storage for any kind of personal object, including ties and belts.Elegant watch and ring boxes can be inserted perfectly into the tray dividers and are covered in beige Alcantara® Amber Glow, with a soft inner cushion upholstered in the same material. Alcantara® Amber Glow is also used for the drawer liner, available in two sizes and embellishing the drawers with another exquisite detail.The supporting structure of the Moondance accessories is in poplar plywood with a Canaletto walnut trim.

The headboard is available with a Canaletto walnut veneer or covered in Pelle Frau® leather. The drawers are crafted from MDF finished with cut Canaletto walnut veneer. The accessories upholstered in Pelle Frau® leather are padded in polyurethane foam while the adjustable steel feet feature black plastic protective caps.

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