poltronafrau      Infinito      Design: Roberto Lazzeroni       

A unique block of marble in the world, a masterpiece of nature. A single piece. Poltrona Frau discovered it and asked designer Roberto Lazzeroni to design an object of great character to further increase its value. Inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of the material, the designer created “Infinito”, a table-sculpture with an amazing scenic impact.

More a work of art than a design object, the table Infinito cannot be replicated and has been produced in a limited, numbered and signed amount.
With this table-object d’art that has no equals even in its own production, Poltrona Frau seeks to reiterate the real meaning of contemporary luxury: a luxury that can only come from materials of absolute quality, from profound design and from unrivalled handicraft and productive skill. This is the only way to create a truly exclusive product. A work of art to be admired, to live and appreciate every day, Infinito.It all started at a quarry in Turkey where the precious “Rosso Lepanto” marble was extracted, characterised by tones ranging from red to violet, and embellished with white streaks. Thanks to some unknown and inexplicable natural event, a small, confined section of mountain took on a deep sage tone with shades of darker green, crossed by the typical clear veining and some small reddish inclusions of the original colour. Roberto Lazzeroni designed a large top with rounded lines that exalts the beauty of the veined green in all its brighter or more subtle nuances. A natural, unrepeatable texture, unique in each table produced. The offset, double-oval shape in part recalls the complementary shapes of yin and yang, in part an overturned 8, the symbol of endless perfection and prosperity: hence the name. Each foot is carved from a single block of white Carrara marble, milled by a robotic arm of special dimensions and hand-finished, but the result is anything but heavy: the shape of a tree opening outwards with its “branches”, expressing lightness and dynamism and further enhancing the table’s elegance and strong sculptural value.The Infinito table is available in two versions: a limited series of only 8 pieces in the large, double-oval shape, 340×120 cm, supported by two legs. Another 64 pieces have instead been made with the oval top, 220×124 cm, with a single base. In the larger version of the Infinito table the top is crossed by a thin stainless steel blade that has been obliquely set in the marble, serving as a trait d’union of the two oval surfaces.
Given the exceptional nature of the material, the series can never be replicated. A brass plate with Ruthenium finish bearing the Poltrona Frau logo, the designer’s signature and the series number of each copy can be found in the centre of the table below the top: from 1 to 8 for the large version and from 1 to 64 for the smaller version.
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