poltronafrau      Ren Bookcase      Design: Neri & Hu, 2017       

Ren Bookcase

The new bookcase REN expands the collection. The underlying theme is still the “ren” symbol, which shapes the sides of the various accessories. The new accessories also communicate a sensation of intimate elegance. Small, light architectures are made up of ingenious suspensions, clever balances, and simple joints inspired by an oriental concept of spaces and design. They are produced using fine materials and artisan techniques inextricably linked with the Poltrona Frau tradition.

The bookcase is a graphical weave of lines. The two lateral uprights, slightly inclined, support the birch plywood shelves, upholstered in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather and with a Canaletto Walnut veneer on the sides.The upper crosspiece is fixed to the wall using metal hooks with a natural brass finish.

The bookcase comes in a low version with a round multi-purpose tray upholstered in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather hanging from the upper crosspiece, and in a tall version. Both variants can be completed with bookends in brushed steel with a natural brass finish.

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