poltronafrau      I Tappeti - Land      Design: Poltrona Frau R&D, 2017       

I Tappeti – Land

Contemporary art and age-old handicraft traditions come together in the I Tappeti Land rugs. These solid coloured “canvases” by Ettore Spalletti over which colour seems to fluctuate silently inspire the simple large painted backgrounds that run across the pure wool rugs. The colour of this yarn offers up extraordinarily saturated deep shades of rust red, coal grey, dark blue, and nude. They are the hues of the earth. Indeed, the name Land alludes to the special wool-weaving technique used for these rugs; the resulting textural effect recalls ploughed fields viewed from above.

This ancient hand weaving procedure called Sumak bestows the rug with strength and body. The weavers wrap the woollen weft threads two by two around robust cotton threads that create the structure, forming small braids that mark the rhythm of the surfaces. The edging – also made out of wool – is hand-woven all around the rug with careful finishing work.

Composition of the usable surface area: 100% wool.Composition structure + usable surface area: 20% cotton, 80% woolTotal thickness 10 mm and weight 3.5 kg/sqmDimensions 200x300cm and 250×350 cm. Made-to-measure sizes also available by request with maximum length 7000 cm, width minimum 40 cm and maximum 400 cmThe 200x 300cm and 250×350 cm versions come with two differently coloured strips. The 90×280 cm version distinguishes itself with its alternating wide and narrow horizontal different-colour stripe pattern.Land rugs are made in India. The hand-stitched leather label has the Poltrona Frau brand stamped on it.

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